The origin and theory.


In a sub-acute rehabilitation center, a group of Occupational and Physical Therapists began discussing how beneficial and necessary it was to create a plan of care for each and every client who comes to their facility.  Whether the goals set forth were focused on physiological performance or cognitive performance, one simple truth always held true --Through continous effort and continuos documentation of progress, all patients either met their goals or made strides towards there goals in less than 90 days!  It was discussed that by creating a client profile, to collaboratively develope goals, and determining the proper strategies and approaches required; clients with severely debilitating injuries, medically complex conditions, and significant functional decline where able to reach multiple goals and milestones within a 3 month period.

Interestingly enough, these health care professionals discussed their own plans of care or better put, their plans of actions and strategies developed in order to overcome personal obstacles and challenges in their own lives.  It was clear to them that there is an inherent need to write down and develop goal planning in order to successfully reach goals that may initially appear insurmountable to achieve!

The Goal Mastery Planner was designed with this philosophy in mind.  By writing down your goals; Addressing them specifically; Developing a personalized strategy and plan; Holding yourself accountable; Creating an internal dialogue for self reflection; All being done on a regularly basis, routinely and habitually; Goals can and will be reached.  Through monthly, weekly, and daily planning, individuals can literally map out a path to a better future. A future in which dreams and ideas take physical form through preparation, planning and execution!